October 19, 2011

What's Wrong With China!!!!!?????

For long time I have not read much Chinese news. Today I went to a Chinese forum which I used to hang out a lot, and encountered a thread which shows video of a little girl being run over by a truck (twice). It is extremely emotional disturbing and doubtless ruined my day!
A beautiful girl (about 4 or 5 year-old) was run over by a small truck. The truck stopped for a few second, then started again, ran over the girl by the back tire again. For about 10 minutes, people walked by the girl, as if she did not existed, until later a middle aged lady came, saw what happened, and rush back in building. A moment later, a young lady looks like the girl's mother came out, took the girl and rushed away. Later of the video shows the interview of the father, and the mother's desperation. It's heart breaking!
The article in the thread tells more details: the girl is dying. She ran to street while her mother was doing laundry...
I am not giving out the link of the video, cause it caused me trouble already.
There is something wrong with China, something very very wrong! I am not worry about those corrupted government officials, hypocritic "intellectuals", complacent new riches, but only one type of life: CHILDREN, the only lives that are innocent, not responsible for all the darkness, poisonousness of society, yet suffer the most, from some extremely distortion of human nature.
What it is? I do not know (at least not with 100% certainty), yet I am still speechless!


  1. It's simple. In China, if you run over someone, you have to pay for health care and every treatment the victim might need for the rest of his/her life. If the victim gets killed, you only pay for the funeral. Welcome to Chinese reality.

  2. In your dreams, maybe it is simple.

    If the victim gets killed, you pay for funeral and much more than you can imagine!