January 9, 2015

Is Majority Always Innocent?

Shaikh Mahmoud Halabi, the founder of Hojjatie...
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People always separate "people" from "government", majority from a few "extremists", as if majority people are always innocent, and they are always victims of power classes. Truth is, any extreme religions, or any groups of religious fundamentalism, or any dictatorial systems, like those of in China, North Korea, LITERALLY can not exist without support of their majority of population. This is not to say that all those people are evils, but just that we cannot ignore a plain fact, which is how stupid we humans are, and how hopeless our situation is.


  1. Excellent! I've been thinking about this too. In fact, George Orwell writes about this in his books.
    The sad reality is that the government is the reflection of the people. And, yes, people can be mean too. Many times the problem has to do with the fact that they don't think for themselves. They just repeat slogans and they follow the herd blindly.

    1. "The sad reality is that the government is the reflection of the people. "
      --- Absolutely! Very well put Julia.

      I am yet to read George Orwell's famous "1984" or "Animal Farm", however I could deduce the contents, which I am already familiar and agree with Orwell's take.

      Yes, "people" can be mean too. Probably, the most stunning example was mass massacre took place in China only less than half century ago. If you are interested, here is a post I wrote (the Chinese title is "Oblivion in Chinese 'style'":


    2. "Ignorance does kill"
      Wise words, Yun.
      It is appalling, disgusting and disturbing. Somebody described it as "mob violence". Yes, mob violence. Violence may not be just physical. It can come in different forms. Human beings are capable of being truly mean when they join the "mob mentality".( It happens on the web just to give you an example). It all boils down to human stupidity and meanness.

    3. Thanks Julia for reading it! We never know what humans are capable until we really scrutinize dark history. Right, internet is another place people show their true faces!

  2. You make an excellent point, Yun! Those systems literally cannot exist without support of the majority of the populace. Hitler could not have risen to power in Germany without the support of the population at that time. And yes, you’re correct, this does not mean all those people are evil. Not at all. In some cases, they have been deceived or as too often happens, they were not paying proper attention to the events going on around them. So you’re right, the majority is not always innocent.

    1. Thanks Madilyn! You are right, Hitler's power was a perfect example!