January 23, 2015

Why Is Art More Popular Than Literature?

Because it's easier and safer for us to pretend that we UNDERSTAND.

True of false?


  1. I think it may be more popular than literature because art can have an immediate effect whereas literature may need more time and concentration. We live in an era in which people's attention spans seem to be poor. There is also shallowness in relationships, shallowness in many aspects of our lives because people don't want to take the time to look further and understand. Understanding means exploring the complexity of something and somebody. This is not something that most people care to do anyway. They prefer to stay on the surface. This kind of conformism is a perverse feature of many societies and one that leads to prejudices and shallow relationships.

    1. Julia, you are absolutely right. I thought of the same reason too. And I agree the "shallowness in relationship", etc.". The information era just produce shallow minds, that's no doubt!
      Anyway, you just nailed it!