June 9, 2014

"Even Chinese Children Won't Get Up That Early!"

Child on New Year's Day
Child on New Year's Day (Photo credit: ROSS HONG KONG)
When Michelle Obama gave speech in Qinhua university during her visiting China just a while ago, she mentioned that she had to work very hard in college, sometime got up at 5 o'clock in the morning. This remark surprised lots of Chinese young students, and one of them posted a Weibo (similar to twitter) message like this: "Even Chinese children don't get up that early."

What does this message mean? It means that in China, children's working hard, enduring stress is something most Chinese people take it for granted!

I have written enough articles about this subject (in Chinese) so I don't feel like to repeat. And I think the above message already speaks for itself, showing what children's life in China is like.

P.S. The image happened to be a little funny. I meant to find a serious one, but this one was too cute to ignore. And I trust her not to take her parents' and future teachers' cr*p!

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