June 11, 2014

How Powerful Is Belief

Faith (comics)
Faith (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I cannot count how many people unintentionally judged me when they actually just tried to help me. I appreciate their kind motive, but the judgment is something very hard for me to sustain.

I realized, one of reasons that they kindly "suggested", implied or even believed that my physical chronic illness was caused by my "mental depression", is simply because they did not believe, that being single could be a healthy lifestyle. Because of this "belief", despite there were no evidences showing that I was depressed, despite of my polite and clear explanation, they still SAW my "depression" as a plain fact. This really show me how powerful belief is - as soon as you believe in something, you simply ignore facts that go against it. It can really turn black into white!


  1. It's easy for some people to change their beliefs - depending on how permanent they have become in time. But 'beliefs' 'belief' and 'opinion' are all different things. Who knows what some people think of the love for my family of 18 cats and kittens, and what others think of my devout atheism, my tolerance of discomfort, my intolerance of dirt (you might not notice this) etc. We are all, especially 'believers' mostly ignorant of 90% of our OWN brain activity. So don't expect people to know what your life is about Yun Yi. Don't try sustaining their judgement.

    1. "Don't try sustaining their judgement."
      --- Advice is well taken! :-)