June 9, 2014

When Were Pyramids Built And What Do They Mean To Us?

Pyramids (Photo credit: Mathew Knott)
Just finished watching this epic documentary Pyramid Code in netflix. Very much enjoyed! It again opened my eyes to the early history of humans.

The documentary would "force" us to ask questions about what we were told by history textbooks, even to question evolution. Think about it, if the time of pyramids were built can be dated several thousands years earlier, or even tens of thousands earlier (than what we currently believe), and during which mankind (or were they really mankind?) already possessed high technique, history must be rewritten, and we might even have to rethink about this all evolution theory, which constructed by genius Darwin, and "proven" by all the archaeological evidence and biological study. Wow!

And don't forget, there was always Atlantis!

Another video:
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