June 8, 2014

Profession And Passion

Andre Agassi Tennis
Andre Agassi Tennis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I once talked to an acquaintance of mine about Agassi's tennis carrier, how painful he felt about it because it was chosen by his authoritative father, this acquaintance said: "But he could not make such money if he chose any other careers than tennis."
I cannot count how many this type of people I've met in my life, so I had this "conclusion" this morning:

Those whose choices of profession were solely based on money have no slightest idea what passion is.
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  1. Yun, I completely agree with your conclusion! I’ve heard before that Agassi’s tennis career, although brilliant, was very difficult for him because it was not a career of his own choosing. He made a lot of money but at what cost to his emotional health and happiness.

    1. So glad you agree! I read part of Agassi's autobio and felt very attached to his resentment to his career. Of course he was talented enough to win and make so much money that he can do whatever he wants to do now (Good for him!), but this doesn't mean his youth was worth to be spent that way - painful and passionless.